China is flooding 3rd world countries with inferior product causing grate hazard and looses e.g plastic rice,electronics. Is UN now afraid of China?

The world is so civilized that no country or race should be treated as inferior or used as a testing ground. Those were done in the stone age. The activities of China is no longer something to overlook since it is endangering other countries more especially the third world countries. The flooding of inferior products like plastic rice and electronics by China is causing a lot of hazards. Lives are being threatened in those countries were they push those products to. Why is the world keeping quiet on this issue? Are those countries in question not worth protecting? Why is UN keeping quiet on that since they are supposed to champion the protection of human rights or is it that UN is afraid of China? UN and other international organizations should do something and stop China from this their inhumane activities because it is really causing great losses.

Human Right,
President elect Donald Trump has the right to call any body he wishes. Why should China condemn him for calling Taiwanese president this is Trump fundermental human right.

China should face their country and take care of the incessant production of inferior products that are life threatening to other countries rather than making a fuss about issues that do not concern them. It is the fundamental human right of President-elect, Donald Trump to call whoever he wishes to call. For China to condemn him for calling the Taiwanese president is uncalled for. China has other internal issues bothering its country. They should handle it and leave President-elect Donald Trump alone to do what he thinks is best for his country.
The vandalism in Nigerian WAF is becoming so alarming that when one imports goods it will vandalised at random. FG should also intervain on this issue….Nigeria is passing through economic recession and this is the time the citizens are supposed to get every help that is at their disposal and maximize the little resources they have. However, the reverse is the case in our WAF. The vandalism in Nigerian WAF is becoming so alarming. When one imports goods, it will be vandalized at random and this also affects the economiy of the country as well as the psychological state of the importer. Nigerians are already suffering and as such do not need more of it. Therefore, the Federal Government is called upon to intervene in this alarming rate of vandalism going on in our WAF in order to save Nigerians from the suffering they are already passing through. Nigerians believe in this Government and that was why they voted them in, therefore the Government should be the custodian of the interests of its citizens.Donald J. Trump Donald Trump News @SkyNews Fox News Xray with Jenny Chika Okafor Ijeomah Uche Bimbo Roberts Folayan Godson Azu Gossip Mill Nigeria Nigerian Diaspora Nigerian Senate CNN Africa CNN International CNN Sky News



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