EEDC in Southeastern Nigeria particularly in Onitsha. They dont give light to people and this poor masses are paying for this lights.
When #FG wanted to privatise this #PHCN masses did not support the move but FG went ahead and privatise it. FG should entervain on this.It can be recalled that when the Federal Government of Nigeria wanted to privatize the power sector, many people kicked against it and it was more of the average Nigerians who might not be able to afford a Generator set or fuel it regularly even if they have one. However, the Federal Government of Nigeria went ahead to privatize it. Now the power supply in the country especially in the southeastern Nigeria is very appalling and that is being suffered by those same poor masses that kicked against its privatization. It is obvious that those in Government might not understand what these poor masses are passing through because they can afford Generator sets of any capacity or even solar powered plants. Therefore, we are calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to do something about this poor power supply of which the masses that put them in power are the ones suffering it. The Federal Government come to the rescue of the masses by reviewing the services provided by EEDC and call them to order since the masses are still paying for the same power that is not being supplied to them.
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