Nigeria: A nation abandoned as Muhammadu Buhari Beats the Drums of #War At this…


Nigeria: A nation abandoned as Muhammadu Buhari Beats the Drums of #War

At this point, some very pertinent questions come to mind; is the International Criminal Court – ICC too cowardly to try President Muhammadu Buhari, when would the world pay attention to the political turmoil and events in #Nigeria, and if Nigerian petroleum still had value, would we have gotten a response by now or not?

Scores of people are killed in Benue state of Nigeria, the President's response was that he sent the IG of police but did not know where he went. Hundreds of people killed in the South East by #Fulani terrorists, the President utters no words because he too is Fulani but when he did, he said it was better to give up one's farm for #Grazing by cattle than to lose one's life to the terrorists. Villages wiped out and dominated by the same terrorist sects, the President says he does not know what to do, that Nigerians should pray. However, the same President sent a troop of 30,000 police operatives to oversea election in Ekiti state just to ensure voters are threatened to cast their votes in favor of his political party – and that, they did. These are less than scratches on the surface of the ordeal Nigerians have been facing under President Buhari.

#Nigerians, in their thousands have spoken up, cried out, pleaded with western mainstream media, the #ICC, Human Rights activists and groups to help protect the masses and to give voice to the masses. Yet, to no avail.

The international media CNN BBC News Aljazeera English FoxNews BBC News Africa do not cover these events, perhaps, once a civil war erupts, they will send out journalists to become first on site to record massacres. Of course, anything to get their viewership tripled, anything to get people interested in them. Who is fooling who? Publicity used to be about telling the truth and making sure the voice of the downtrodden is heard. Today, it's almost like the prayer of a coffin sales man.

It has become obvious that President Buhari has gone off bounds, he no longer has fear of anyone, he is no longer accountable to anyone. He is the master of his universe. Using the Nigerian Police and Nigerian military to bar the Senate president Abubakar Bukola Saraki and his deputy Ike Ekweremadu from seating on Tuesday 24th July 2018, storming their homes at 6AM with no probable cause to harass and intimidate them, shows that he has obviously taken enough for the owner to know.

If at this point, the world still ignores the situation in Nigeria, if at this point renowned news media refuse to broadcast the situation in Nigeria, then, there is trouble for the poor masses.

The United Nations United Nations Human Rights United Nations Security Council should not wait till there are tanks on the street to come to the aid of Nigerians. Blood already flows on the streets. #Ethnic cleansing, #Terrorism, #Islamization, systematic warfare are already in place. Do not wait till the situation, perhaps calls for throwing food and water down from helicopters, or ask people to donate to feed dying #African children, or donate millions for post-war relief.
Stop the looming war now!!!
The drums of war are being beaten by #Buhari and his political Bulldogs (police, military, fulani terrorist, etc.), the world should listen and break that drum now!



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