Nigeria- A Nation at a Stand Still Many individuals and concerned groups have d…


Nigeria– A Nation at a Stand Still

Many individuals and concerned groups have decried the state of the nation, #Nigeria, especially as it plans to host its elections. The yells of its citizens against perversion of justice, crime-enabling policies and agencies, increase in #Corruption, #Poverty and civil unrest, etc. have fallen to deaf ears. At a time when all gears should be properly oiled and functional at its best, all arms of government in Nigeria stand still.

Allegations about the usurp of authority by the incumbent presidency against the #Judiciary, #Military, #INEC, etc. remain unattended. The glaring evidence of #Corruption, #Embezzlement, #Bribery, #Nepotism, etc. against several government officials who in the bid to find shade from the public eye, join the ruling party, #APC; makes one wonder if Nigeria is lawless nation.

Appointment of one’s own (unqualified) into special offices holding controlling power of the polity and law has been a tactic that has held up since the beginning of the Muhammadu Buhari administration – while this is an unjust practice, #Nigerians have lived with it much like #Ugandans lived with Idi Amin’s. Perhaps, this is out of cowardice, fear for one’s life and/ or acceptance, the forth-coming elections will decide.
The Nigerian National Assembly is yet to prove itself in its ability to make decisions for the good of the country. It is yet to assure Nigerians that their decisions remain unbiased even in the face of coercion or presidential request throat-shoving. Nigerians await a firm stand of the National Assembly on the forth coming elections timetable. Its decision will either strengthen the resolve of Nigerians to believe in democracy or confirm the doubts that Nigeria has gone back to pre-1999 political systems.
All law enforcement agencies in Nigeria, perhaps, are waiting for further instructions for deployment. It is baffling that our military remain puppets and pawns in a game where they ought to hold up as generals. The U.S. CIA fact file on the aim of Boko Haram in Nigeria is that it wants to “replace the Nigerian Government with its Islamic state under strict sharia….destroy any political or social activity associated with Western Society; conduct attacks against primarily civilian and military targets”…/p…/the-world-factbook/fields/397.html…

So far, nominations into key agencies, offices, etc. in Nigeria under the Buhari government has been skewed in heavy favor of the Islamists. Most recent press release from Buhari warns the U.K & U.S against meddling in its internal affairs.
The military has been sent into the war fronts without weapons, with defective implements like sheep to its slaughter thus satisfying one of Boko Haram’s aims. Most provoking is the use of military against the civilians – a recent feat which was achieved by Buhari against the Shiite Muslim group in November 2018, where at least 45 were reported dead. Clergy men who spoke against the killings by Fulani herdsmen, who encouraged their members to obtain the voters cards, who spoke up against the injustice against Christians were arraigned by law enforcement agencies, but no one has been arrested for the wipe-out of the village in Plateau state, for the killings in Enugu state, Benue, Kaduna, etc. It would be interesting to hear the remarks of the military heads on the main aim of the military outfit. Is it to become pawns for the fulfilment of Buhari’s bids which aligns so well with that of Boko Haram or to uphold peace, security and unity in the country? More so, is the military gearing for deployment for the elections? What role would they play – Buhari’s hench men or would they restore stability in a nation in dire need of it?

By 2050, Nigeria’s population is set to reach 411 million, a projected 20 million more than the U.S. With the level looting and corruption in Nigeria today, there may be no resources for those 411 million. If Nigerians keep protecting and enabling corrupt public office holders, Nigeria will be neck-deep in debt in a few years.
Finally, a stitch in time on Nigeria’s democratic dispensation, resource management, accountability and respect for rule of law will save nine. All law enforcement groups must rise to enforce law and not enable its negligence. The National Assembly must wake up and take charge of the polity. Nigerians, as one, must rise and read the writing on the wall – what is more important, protecting the future of Nigeria by holding public office holders accountable or bending to their will for meagre bribes. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR) denied receiving $5M in cash which was caught on tape, today, he walks free – if such a person remains protected, Nigeria, then has no law nor law enforcement.

#Islamization of Nigeria in peogress :

President – Muslim
Senate President – Muslim
Ag. CJN – Muslim
Party Chairman – Muslim
Minister of Defence – Muslim
Minister of Interior – Muslim
Minister of Justice – Muslim
Minister of Finance -Muslim
Minister of Information – Muslim
Minister of Works, Power and Housing – Muslim
Minister of Aviation – Muslim
Minister of Communications- Muslim
Minister of Education – Muslim
Minister of Water Resources- Muslim
Minister of Environment- Muslim
Minister of Women Affairs – Muslim
Minister of FCT – Muslim
President of – Court Of Appeal – Muslim
Chief Judge of Federal High Court- Muslim
Chief Judge of FCT High Court- Muslim
Chairman of NJC – Muslim
Secretary of NJC- Muslim
Chief Registrar of Supreme Court – Muslim
Chief Registrar of Court Of Appeal – Muslim
D. G Legal Aid Council – Muslim
Chief of Staff to President – Muslim
Principal Secretary to President – Muslim
Clerk of National Assembly- Muslim
National Security Adviser- Muslim
Chief of Army Staff – Muslim
Chief of Air Staff – Muslim
IGP – Muslim
Commandant General, Civil Defence Corps – Muslim
Comptroller General of Nigerian Customs Service – Muslim
Comptroller General of Nigerian Immigration Service – Muslim
Comptroller General of Nigerian Prison – Muslim
D.G DSS – Muslim
D.G NIA – Muslim
Chairman EFCC – Muslim
Chairman Board of FRSC – Muslim
Chairman NDLEA – Muslim
Director/CEO – NFIU – Muslim
Chairman of INEC – Muslim
GMD NNPC – Muslim
MD/CEO – NPA – Muslim

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