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Nigeria is a great nation blessed with numerous natural resources yet the recent happenings have become a horror show rather than a blessing to her citizens.

There are uncountable numbers of maltreatment and incessant fiendish activities from the government resulting to kidnappings, stealing, and other of poverty based vices.

Sadly, a wealthy country like Nigeria still has majority of her citizens living in abject poverty despite the income generated from revenue. This is one of the consequences of bad governance. The set of individuals in power are nothing but robots that have no conscience. The European Union, United Nations, African Union and other international communities should not in all conscience remain silent or deaf to the inhuman treatment given to Nigerians.

For the umpteenth time, Nigerians are clamouring and beckoning on the world and its well meaning inhabitants to take action in order to save Africa's most populous nation from collapsing. Nigeria is breaking down yet little or nothing is being done to save the situation.

The Nigeria government is not just embezzling funds but bent on subjecting the masses to atrocious treatment. It is noteworthy that Nigeria is locked down just like other countries due to Covid-19 pandemic but its government has failed to provide enough paliatives for the masses as other governments have done.

Nigerians are suffering from not only #Covid-19 pandemic but hunger.

International bodies are therefore urged to save the country and its masses from these dangerous robots in authority.

African Union United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) United Nations Nigeria African Union HQ World Economic Forum Rise Against Hunger Africa Rise Against Hunger Nigeria Action Against Hunger COVID-19 Palliative Care Providers Global Palliative Care, Edu. & Dev. Initiative, Nigeria



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