NIGERIA HEADED FOR DOOM: The Tale of a Nation in Distress Every Nigerian citize…


NIGERIA HEADED FOR DOOM: The Tale of a Nation in Distress

Every Nigerian citizen and immigrants alike are in mournful outcry for the perversion of justice and total disregard for the rule of law in the nation.
As though the watching eyes of international communities and human rights institutions are blinded to see our travails or the heart-rending cry of our slaughtered and slaughterous compatriots are soundproofed from being heard by International and local media houses – the United Nations, African Union, European Union – EU, United States of America, International Criminal Court and all human right organizations.

The Muhammadu Buhari led administration's failure to address burning issues and negligence to heed the overreaching uproar in Nigeria has raised a proposition that our supposed President is not indeed the man in charge and that those in charge act above the scope of the constitutionally alloted powers to the presidency.

Objections were raised to the release of captured and detained Boko Haram terrorists who have doomed many communities and slit many throats in our Nigerian state, but General Buhari has nevertheless released them in thousands and batches branding them 'repentant bokoharamists' and even proposing to send them abroad for studies. Very ridiculous indeed.
For a fact, this is a veiled plot to have them infiltrate and saturate our military formation hence carry out barbaric plots on innocent and defenceless Nigerians especially those of Christian extractions unabated.
The UN should implement the promised action plan to safeguard all victims of religious segregation/molestation, a promise made via Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, after the New Zealand shooting of March 2019. Nigerians urge you, Sir.

Concerned Nigerians recently and unanimously lifted opposition loud outcry to the application before the Senate for approval of extravagant external borrowing powers of the Executive but to our utter bewilderment, the Executive-influenced Senate just some days ago approved the $22.7billion. Except for a few, the senate house is now a conglomerate of unscrupulous megalomaniacs who only care about their jumbo pay.

Certainly, the infrastructural programs purported to be the target of the Executive for the enormous borrowing cannot be trusted by Nigerians.

This is a clarion call on World Bank, African Development Bank Group (AFDB), Islamic Development Bank Group – (IDB) and China Extim Bank to decline the grant of such money to our country considering the negative effect of such to our debt status and economy.
By extension, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN STUDENTS (NANS) and other well meaning associations to speak up in the face of impending implosion and adversity.



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