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Confirmed information reaching our sources reveal that the Federal Government of Nigeria has terminated the lawsuit filed against suspects in the "uncovered aeroplane" which was stacked with millions of hard currencies, allegedly earmarked for bribery purposes in the just concluded presidential election.

The nation, which in recent times pledged its commitment to tackling corruption has by its series of actions, paid a mere lip-service to its commitment. Nigeria currently suffers from a grossly uneven distribution of income, crippling justice system and an increasing disregard for its rule of law and has come under fire for the brazen attempts by the nations president , President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) to strangle the country's infant democracy with the overpowering immunity and independence granted to the executive arm of government.

The role and stance of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and National Judicial Council Nigeria (NJC) which are the umbrella bodies for the nations legal sphere still remains unheard and this allays fears that the nations judicial arm may have finally become subdued and a subject to the dictates of the executive, headed by President muhammadu Buhari PMB.

It would be recalled that several viral video clips on the internet captured two billion vans which drove into compound of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos state, Nigeria; and also a room in a house identified to be Tinubu's; stacked with money, got destroyed by unkown fire but there presently exists no investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) or any lawsuit filed with respect to Bola Ahmed Tinubu despite the viral evidence.…/nigerians-react-to-bullion-van…/

Quite disturbing is the fact that many of the country's citizens continue to remain apathetic to the increasing disorderliness in the county's political sphere partly because of the lack of collective support, iminent intimidation and fear of life.

Nigeria's democracy is no doubt on the brink of collapse and PMB led All Progressive Congress (APC) government has no clue how to save it but many ideas on how to further ruin it all thanks to a terribly tyrannical leadership style backed by an array of extremely corrupt people behind the scene.

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NIGERIA NEWS TODAY & Breaking News | Read on

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