#NIGERIANS BEWARE OF FAKE RICE Nigerians love rice. In 2016, the country’s de…



Nigerians love rice.
In 2016, the country’s demand for rice stood at 5.4million metric tonnes, averaging a daily expenditure on rice importation to the tune of $5 million. The country has imported over 17million metric tonnes of rice over the last five years, making it an attractive choice market for all manner of rice including the fake, substandard and potentially harmful type.

With a few weeks to the #Christmas and New year period, the demand, purchase and consumption of rice logically tends to increase and with a less efficient border and port controls in the country; thousands of potentially harmful, fake and substandard metric tonnes of rice would be smuggled in to the country and sold to unsuspecting consumers. The extent of damage these harmful types of rice cause may be well beyond imagination.

So far, there has been reported cases of the presence of plastic or synthetic rice in the Nigerian rice market. Such harmful products have over the years been traced to originate from China and such evil act is perpetrated by extremely selfish Nigerian importers in conjunction with their equally mischievous #Chinese counterparts who produce such substandard products, damning the health implication and only motivated by gain.
Nigerians beware!
Spot and report fake rice anywhere you see it..
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nigeria!

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