At times, one is tempted to believe that some Nigerians are not sane or better still are cursed from birth. You will ask if truly these people have a family, friends or even colleagues? Will they feel the emotions should anything bad happen to their loved ones? That is if they even have any. Or are they controlled by an incessant consumption of hard substances?
Whichever be the case, it is very disheartening that not considering the hard blow this pandemic is causing across the globe, some unscrupulous and wicked Law Enforcement Agents have taken to inflicting more pain on the populace. They have killed more #Nigerians than the virus itself have killed.

The disturbing aspect is the fact that this is rampant in the South-Eastern region of the country and rarely can this be experienced in the North. It is even seen in the media where the Northerners go about their businesses freely.

As usual, the government, especially the South-East governors, is feigning ignorance. No doubts, some individuals at one time or the other violate the government’s directive to stay at home, which is the best option in order to contain the #COVID19 spread. However, the question to our government and their tools of lockdown enforcement is, "did they bother to find out and apply the modalities considered and implemented by their counterparts in other countries before adopting the measure?"

Countries that enforce lockdown ensure their citizens are comfortable while on lockdown. Inasmuch as in those countries, their citizens survive not just on their daily earnings because they have a well structured, accountable and considerate government, yet they still applied this care to ensure the welfare of her citizens.

However, the case is different in Nigeria where the mighty prey on the weak with no iota of sympathy. This is a country where when things were supposedly normal, 80% of its citizens survive on their daily earnings with no support from the government; they are heavily taxed through direct and indirect means.

Now, a lockdown has been enforced, no one bothers to ask how they survive. It is only normal for someone who has lived a life of hustle and struggles to survive and suddenly gets confined to one place to be in need of assistance.

Furthermore, as the pandemic is forcing people to stay at home, hunger is forcing them to come out. It is a case of, either way, you must die. Ideally,, a rational government would have understood the situation and resorted to persuasion to make people comply with the directive. Besides, if they had done their bit, people would have complied but on the contrary, the government is using some Law Enforcement Agents to forcefully keep people inside while turning a deaf ear to their complaints or concerns. One might raise an objection stating that the government is taking measures to ensure that the welfare of the citizens is attended to while they are on lockdown, but the truth is that it is propaganda that ends on the media.

It is about one month into the lockdown, they are yet to do something, what is the guarantee that they will do anything, or are they going to do something when the people or their plans are intended for are no more? If someone who is left without options chooses to take his or her fate into his hands, the Law Enforcement Agents will gun the person down. It is so unbelievable.
The Law Enforcement Agents perpetrating these heinous activities should remember they have families and loved ones. What goes around comes around and there's a reward which never holds back in delivering. They cannot inflict heartbreaking and heart-crushing pains on others and expect to have a happy living. There is always a day of reckoning. The same goes for the government that feign ignorance while their lapdogs are doing their biddings.
Indeed, seeing what is happening in Nigeria, one will ask how we got to this point. We hope on God alone because we now look like meals in the face of those that were supposed to protect us.

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