*Nigerians reactions to President Buhari's debate on NTA* Had no strength …


*Nigerians reactions to President Buhari's debate on NTA*

Had no strength to watch Buhari/Asibanjo & Kadaria charade,last night. After a few commmets from the owner of 150 cows,i killed my generator & buried myself in my bed. Couldnt waste my fuel watching morons,liars & nincompoops.
*John Dandafu*

APC said 1 Chance but Nigerians heard Change. The president clearly has hearing problem or he lacks comprehension.
*Akinkunmi Adewale*

Worst President in Africa how do we get here God??.
Talking of point.
Answering question off point.
I'm down, can't continue watching this shi…
*Ibraheem Idris*

President Muhammadu Buhari is the most empty and incoherent President our country has ever produced. May we never go lower.
*Alhaji mustapha Abubakar*

It’s obvious why PMB lacks the courage to debate. Apart from lacking substance, not just does he find communicating to the people who entrusted him with their lives a herculean task, but he is so arrogant to the extent he thinks he’s doing Nigerians a favour being their president
*Omolola Jayeola*

That was such a total disappointment,Buhari is a grade A embarrassment. Thank God I don’t have a voters card.
*Ajoke Daramola*

They tried to hide Buhari from all these interviews because they have no confidence in his intellectual capacity. But Nemesis shaa😁.
*Adebayo Adebiyi*

Will you accept the results of the election if you lose it?

Buhari – I think that is impossible.
Dear God, Over to you.
For anyone crying about the above post, go to 1:55:44, your Baba said it, I didn't put the words in his mouth.
*Ayo Fabiyi*

Damn this is the first time I'm listening to buhari speak and I've never felt dumber
*Yakima Abdulmahmud*

Moreover, I feel ashamed to say I heard Him talked though but couldn't pick what he said. Can't say what language he's communicating with.
*Ganiyu Akinlade*

I swear. I can barely make out both his accent plus the sense in what he's saying 😣
*Uche Emordi*

I suspect that someone has injected Buhari with something. Some kind of desease causing dementia or similar. His brain is not working properly and it has gotten very worse
*Nuhu Wakili*

Naive Buhari actually saying he trusts the state assembly to do the right thing.. Also indirectly saying he expected the governor to trust someone with the money.. overwhelmed that he’s collecting it himself while smiling ..
*Ahmed Rufai*

Buhari does not know the kind of technology used to capture Ganduje. WoW!
*Nicolas James*

Buhari said he wondered why Ganduje did not send someone to collect the money on his behalf. Chineke nna!
*Henry Ibe*

Buhari is on nat’l TV defending a governor who was caught on video taking cash bribes. Sad.

A smarter response wld have been: taking a bribe is wrong in every instance regardless of who and what context. If allegations against Ganduje are proven, he shd be punished accordingly.
*Amaka Anku*

A bit worrying that any time they ask President Buhari if he will concede to defeat if Atiku beats him at the polls, he will start telling you History of how he contested several times and was in court for several months at both levels of Judiciary. Is he insinuating something?
*Lawali Anka*

Did anyone watch Buhari on NTA?

Sincerely, its now a National emergency to ensure this man is sent back to Daura next month..

No aura, no flair,no brilliance,dull, unexciting..

This is sad.
*Mustapha Sadia*

Buhari later responded , “As I told you, I have seen the clip . I don ’t know how much technology was used but can Ganduje fail to trust someone to take it to him ? Does he have to take it himself I honestly am overwhelmed. The system has given me some relief; it is in court.
*Alabi Ayinde Alaafin*

How can a President who does not know when he was sworn into office know how to solve Nigeria’s challenges? If he is not sure when he got power, how will he be sure of what to do with power? Buhari was sworn in May 29, 2015, yet he claims he was sworn in May 19th.
*Reno Omokri*

Very honestly and without sounding sarcastic, I strongly believe Buhari is suffering from Age sickness(Memory Loss, Instability) and Nigerians are not been told the truth of his state of health.
*Adelakun Bolanle*

The only thing he knows is the number of his gay Cattle! If Prof. Osinbajo decides to resign today, y'all will see the reason why they chose someone that smart to be Buhari's vice. Donald Trump wasn't wrong afterall…
*Seun Adenekan*

This is the day that even a primary pupils knew it but President Buhari don't know the exact day he was swore in to office. If this man don't know this how will he address the needs of Nigerians? Is this man fit enough to lead a country like Nigeria? Nigerians have to wakeup!
*Nura Sabo Anka*

The President has gone through critical health related issues that must have affected his memory yet they refused the man to retire peacefully. Shame to the cabal!
*Henry Odogwu*



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