#Nigeriaonmymind! #OpenLetter to the Elites! In the wake of the ravaging #COVI…


#OpenLetter to the Elites!

In the wake of the ravaging #COVID-19, sweeping the world. Nigeria just like other nations with cases have closed it's borders in order to tackle within. States like #Lagos, #Rivers, #Anambara, #Enugu, #Abuja, #Kaduna etc., which have recorded cases have been forced to adopt punitive measures such as internal border shut down, closure of markets and the banning of every gathering that involves more than two persons.

In a country labelled as the poverty capital of the world with multi dimensional poverty, the closure of markets, banning of movement and restriction of vehicular passenger carriage to a paltry proportion of their standard capacity – as protective as these orders are, are utterly counterproductive for those states in which their citizens are mostly self-employed small scale traders who depend on daily hustle to survive. If we must emulate the measures being adopted by countries in saner climes, The federal government and our Nigerian governors must provide relief packages as a matter of necessity for their citizens to sustain themselves and avert the surge of an even deadlier pandemic – hunger and crime.

As at today, billions of naira have been donated by elites in the corporate world, more funds are on the way from the African Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund to fight this course and the purchase of exotic cars by the house of representatives, is condemned as an utterly insensitive act in times like these when poverty is exacerbated by a global pandemic.

Nigeria, where is our relief package?



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