NYESOM WIKE: AN EDUCATED TYRANT Ezenwo Nyesom Wike an Ikwerre born lawyer who i…



Ezenwo Nyesom Wike an Ikwerre born lawyer who is the current Governor of Rivers State took laws into his hands, abused the right of some citizens of Nigeria under the guise of enforcing COVID-19 lockdown.

He went too far by demolishing two hotels in the State over alleged violation of his lockdown. His show of absurd totalitarianism is quite condemnable. He illegally mobilized armed security agents with bulldozers to Edemete and Prodest hotels in Elele and Onne, respectively and personally supervised their destruction.

He built a defence that the hotels were encouraging the spread of COVID-19 and that one of the owners attacked members of the State's COVID-19 Taskforce; these claims are gibberish. Had the governor believed the promoters of these hotels had broken any law, they ought to have been arrested, charged to court and tried in line with the laws of the nation. It is only a court of law that can impose punishment as heavy as demolition. Why didn't Wike seal up these premises? Why destroying the hard-earned investments of these citizens? Nigerians are indeed hungry, he would have channelled this energy into providing food incentives and other essentials for his people and not destroying the sources of livelihood of the staff of these hotels and their families.

Wike's lockdown rules are extremely ludicrous and draconian. He claimed he has approved the construction of a primary school at the location of the demolished Prodest hotel in Eleme. What a senseless decision! He will then use the scarce public fund to finance this project, a building that could have been temporarily sealed or converted to a profitable venture (if legally confiscated). He is also yet to make known to the public the identity of his Taskforce on COVID-19 that he claimed died after the incident at Prodest.

Wike has also been seen in videos harassing residents of his state, essential workers inclusive. In many cases, they were arrested and sent to Isolation centres, so as a punishment, he wants them to contract the virus. As a lawyer, he should be mortified by his actions. He needs to explain to Nigerians the section of the Constitution that allows him to take the laws into his hands. Nigerians must not allow this man to continue to perpetuate lawlessness under the guise of an Executive Order.

Promoters of Prodest and Edemete hotels are advised to seek redress at the court of law. Human right activists and organisations should not fold their hands. This anomaly deserves a prompt public redress. The Nigerian Bar Association should call their member to order as his deeds were indeed tyrannical.

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