OMAR AND TLAIB : AMERICA'S DELILAH Like popsicles under the heat of the p…



Like popsicles under the heat of the pan, the facades of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Harbi Tlaib – America's first Muslim congress women – are beginning to melt off, revealing the duo as deadly moles working for some secret Islamic anti-semitic tyrants and anti – America terrorist organizations.

Omar, 37, A Somali-American, currently serving as a US representative of the state of Minnesota is currently under investigation for perjury, tax fraud, student loan fraud and fraudulently marrying her biological brother to gain US citizenship and rights access amongst others. In company of Rashida Tlaib, 43, the first #Palestinian#American #congress woman, the duo have become the corporate face of Islamic extremism; hoisting the banner of cynical semitism in America, sympthazing with #ISIS, #Hamas and #Al-Quaeda, frolicking with deadly terrorists and failing to proscribe these brutal sects as terrorist groups, rather attacking Israel's democracy, failing to recognize her territorial supremacy and clamoring for the boycott of #Israel.

Backed by the straw army of anti-Trump leftists main-stream media, and a handful of ignorantly vociferous democrats, Omar and Tlaib have continued to further spur hatred, racism and religiocentrism in the US by slapping the slippery stickers of racism, white supremacy, extremism and Islamophobia on every of the actions and intents of President #Donald #Trump and other notable Republicans in the U.S. to the admiration of Islamic terrorist groups such as Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Al-Quaeda, ISIS, and #Qatari terror tyrants such as Tarheem bin Hamad Al Jhani, Abdullah Allahdba, Saif Al Jhani and Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Jhani who are alleged to be their chief sponsors and puppeteers.

As the heat of the investigation intensifies, so has the attempt to distract the world from the obvious facts that the duo are frauds, unapologetic extremists, terrorist agents and ungrateful double agents who hypocritically harbor passionate hatred for the values and beliefs that has made America the greatest nation on earth and Israel the only organized nation in the Middle East.

Having these two women in Congress spells danger for America.

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