Opera GX sanitizes your browsing history after your death


Image: Opera Software

Opera GX has long marketed itself as the browser for gamers. You can set how much memory, processing power, and network connectivity it can use, and it’s rife with extra features devoted to maximizing your play-time experience.

Now, the company behind the browser has now released an interesting new feature: After your death, the browser will clean up your browsing history and replace it with an embellished version of your Internet travels.

The fake My History feature is activated if you leave Opera GX unused for 14 consecutive days. It then assumes you are either dead, or using a new browser, which the company jokingly says is the same in their eyes. The browser then deletes your history and replaces it with a fake version. For example, your survivors can see how you volunteered, and you don’t have to worry about your friends ever finding out that you had to Google guides to find all the collectibles in that game you were bragging about.

This article was translated from Swedish to English, and originally appeared on pcforalla.se.


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