Recent happenings in the Christian dominated South East region of Nigeria brings into question the position of some of her prominent citizens in defence of their people. With such regards, it is pertinent to call on the Pan Organisation of Igbos (Ohaneze Ndi Igbo) and other reputable Igbo leaders to dissociate themselves from these so called leaders who claim to be Igbos and yet sabotage the glaring wish and decisions of their people. They are only interested in their personal gains, aiding and abating the efforts of some unscrupulous base fellows who are secretly driving the process for annihilation of the Igbo race from the surface of the earth. History and posterity will certainly judge the wicked.

The people of Eastern Heartland (Imo state) in South East Nigeria was thrown into mourning and anarchy on 14th January 2020 by one of the most dastard, cruel and terrible verdict of the Supreme Court of Nigeria which removed the duly elected and sworn in Governor of the State Hon. Chief Emeka Ihedioha of Nigeria opposition party (People's Democratic Party – PDP) and replacing him with Hope Uzodinma of the ruling party (All Progressive Congress – APC) who came a distant 4th position in the election. This injustice was delivered on the single evidence of a crooked and biased police officer who claimed over 200,000 votes belonging to APC in 388 pooling units of the state were not counted. What a disgrace! The Supreme Court accepted such terrible unconfirmed evidence without recourse to the electoral umpire (Independent National Electoral Commission – INEC) who has the sole power to announce election results. Indeed, the reputation of Nigeria judiciary has been thrown to the mud under Buhari's administration.

The pains of this terrible injustice has been deepened on the people by the blatant betrayal through defection of members of People's Democratic Party PDP in Imo State House of Assembly to All Progressive Congress APC which did not win a single seat. It is a total sabotage of the solemn wish of the People of Imo State who trooped out en masse amidst persecutions and voted for PDP in both Governorship and State House of Assembly elections having passed through unimaginable sufferings in the hands of the former Governor Rochas Okorocha of APC.

It is time for these Igbo saboteurs who have continuously betrayed their people to be sanctioned. This was also a close repetition of events that transpired during the Operation Python dance by the Nigerian Army in South East Nigeria in 2017 and 2018 in which hundreds of people lost their lives. It was quite unfortunate as while many families were thrown into mourning, some leaders of the region paid courtesy visit to President Buhari, praising and extolling him. What a betrayal! Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, distinguished genuine Royal Highnesses and Royal Majesties of Igbo extraction should as a matter of necessity excommunicate these fellows from Igbo land and distinctively stop awarding Chieftaincy titles to them especially those members of PDP that defected to APC because of greed.

It is worthy of note that though money is good but it is not the end to all issues. Let it be established that all those saboteurs including the Chairman of PDP in Imo State, the Speaker and other members of the House of Assembly who defected and some still nursing the ambition of defecting from PDP to APC must answer for their dubious acts and betrayal. They must all face the consequence of their actions in due time. Hon. Chief Emeka Ihedioha is encouraged to remain strong and resolute as justice must prevail no matter the distant time.

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