Police arrest Chinese health firm execs as outrage grows over fake vaccines



Chinese government is defending itself against widespread outrage,distrust and criminal manufacture of substandard vaccines.

This has led the Chinese government turning to censorship on social media to cover and calm public anger following:

1. A revelation that one of the country's largest vaccine manufacturers had violated safety standards and controls.

2. An estimated 250,000 counterfeit diphtheria and tetanus vaccines (DPT) may have been administered on children.

This has eroded public trust in essential services and material goods produced in China. It does show that:
1. Some drugs and other material goods produced in China do not pass through QUALITY ASSURANCE TESTS. 2. It shows that its Drug and Food Administration Institution is either corrupt to keep a blind eye to share in the unethical proceeds of the company or the company unscrupulously bypassed the safety standard regulator and entered the market. Either way the scandal has affected China's reputation overseas over counterfeit drugs as the country tries to make itself a major player in world pharmaceutical industry and market. For instance, ORIGINAL GENTAMICINE IS SOLD FOR $8.6 (N3000) BUT THE COUNTERFEIT GENTAMICINE MANUFACTURED IN CHINA AND SOLD IN NIGERIA IS FOR $1.4 (N500)

On Tuesday, the chairperson of the company involved in this notorious fraud, Gao Junfang of Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology was detained by the Police with 14 others but this has not assuaged the people's anger.

At the Institute of Pediatrics, one parent told a foreign journalist that the company has "no conscience". The government needed to tighten its regulations and control, not only on drugs manufacture but regulate how counterfeit electric cables, switches, phones, chargers, generators, electronics,synthetic (plastic) rice ,Homer Buses are pushed into Nigeria and other African markets.

Another parent, Peng Yubin, said "he was considering using foreign vaccines for his child. Even though they are more expensive, they are better ". Many commentators on social media accused the owner of Changsheng Biotechnology company of corruption and unethical behaviour. https://www.google.com.ng/…/police-arrest-chinese-healt…/amp This means that even in China people are suspicious and unhappy about the companies are producing for them.

The questions are:
1 Do most of these Chinese manufacturing companies been keeping to International ISO and CE CERTIFICATION?
2. Do they keep to Nigeria's SON and NAFDAC specifications for import of drugs and material goods into the country?
3. Now that ISO has set up two new çommittees to develop international standards respectively for tackling counterfeiting of material goods and fraud some of China's companies will be subjected to scrutiny and or Sanctions. ISO/PC 246 has been set up for tackling counterfeiting of materials goods ànd ISO/TC 247 is fraud countermeasures and control.

In conclusion, to show how some of the Chinese companies are deadly in unethical sharp practices, in 2008 baby formula produced in China and fed to Chinese infants was discovered to be TAINTED WITH MELAMINE, a chemical compounded mainly for industrial use which affected tens of thousands of children and caused widespread panic in China and overseas in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

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Police arrest Chinese health firm execs as outrage grows over fake vaccines

Chinese police have detained the chairwoman and five other employees of Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology, a company that has provoked a huge public…



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