Police removes anti-annexation protest restrictions, thousands to march


The police objected to the mass protest, citing coronavirus infection concerns. Organizers said they will limit the number of protesters to 2,000.


JUNE 6, 2020 08:44

Peace Now members with a large banner saying

Peace Now members with a large banner saying “Over the Annexation – There Will Be War”

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Police removed its objection to holding an anti-annexation protest in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday night, provided protesters wear masks and keep a proper distance from each other, Haaretz reported on Friday night.  


The protest organizers told police they will limit the numbers of the people marching to 2,000, yet it is unclear how they mean to do so. 


More than 30 different groups announced their intention to march in the massive protest in order to cry out against the planned Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley and 30% of the West Bank on July 1. 


Protesters intend to march from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to Rabin Square under the banner “No to Occupation, No to Annexation, Yes to Democracy.”  


“On Saturday evening thousands of Arabs and Jews will stand next to each other in Rabin Square,” the organizers said, “and demand to halt the annexation and end the occupation, to build a real democracy and a future of peace for both nations.”    


The annexation is a part of the Deal of the Century promoted by US President Donald Trump and is meant to eventually lead to the creation of a Palestinian State on the remaining 70% of the West Bank. 


Jordan, Egypt and the EU already voiced their concern over the annexation and Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz instructed the IDF to prepare for mass riots which are expected to erupt among Palestinians should the annexation pass through.  


The police announced their objection to Saturday’s protest on Friday, citing concerns that it is in violation of the public health order and could lead to an increase in coronavirus infections, despite several other large protests having been organized at the same venue during the coronavirus pandemic.

Police suggested the protest be held at Yarkon Park, yet the organizers, including the Joint List and Meretz parties, pointed out that the public health order ensures the right of assembly and said that they mean to march even without police approval.  



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