Israel is a small nation like the size of New Jersey, located in the Middle East on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea. It is bordered by Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Syria with a population of about 8 million people. With regards to history, Israel has experienced series of unimaginable persecutions and tensions by the Arab Muslims since 1948 when she was declared an independent state with David Ben-Gurim as Prime Minister. It is quite unfortunate that a nation surrounded by numerous enemies has politically exposed herself, allowing her adversaries (Arabs) to have registered political parties and subsequently win seats in the Parliament, thus penetrating their government, secretly and deceitfully plotting to destabilize them. This has posed great danger and opposition to PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party with good ideology of conservatism, national and economic liberalism against Blue and White Party led by בני גנץ – Benny Gantz and United Arab List Party led by منصور عباس – Mansour Abbas and Mtanes Shehadeh with terrible ideology of social liberalism, two-state solution and Arab nationalism.
The attention of Israel is drawn to imminent danger and destruction as they are terribly drifting by allowing Arabs and Muslims to dominate their political space. It is in public domain, series of boasts by Arabs and Muslims to ensure total annihilation of the state of Israel from the surface of the earth. Israel must as a matter of urgency revisit their constitution immediately and ensure absolute control of their state. It is worthy of note that the Jews will never be allowed to vote in Arab nations such as Saudiarabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey vis-à-vis, establishing political parties in these countries or winning seats in their respective parliaments. It will never happen. It is time for PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Ruvi Rivlin – ראובן רובי ריבלין to critically review Israel's political system which is based on Proportional representation, the low election threshold and Party-List system which makes it all but impossible for single party to win 61 Knesset seats required for a majority government since 1969. This has consistently led to difficulty in formation of government by the PM, hence leaving room to seek for unity government which does no good for the nation. Israel has never known peace since her independence as they should be reminded of their invasion in 1948 known as Arab-Israel war by #Egypt, #Jordan, #Iraq, #Syria and #Lebanon and other wars such as Suez crisis, six day war, Yom Kippur war, Second Lebanon war, #Hamas war etc.
The recent indictment brought against PM Benjamin Netanyahu by the Attorney General is a hoax and political witch hunt orchestrated by the Arabs with the secret backing of Benny Gantz to destabilize Israel and should be disregarded. Israel must acknowledge that it is under PM Netanyahu that President Donald J. Trump recognised #Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jews, Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and recently Israel's occupation of West Bank. These feats were possible because of the cordial relationship between President Trump and PM Benjamin Netanyahu whom he has proved his unalloyed love for Israel. Benny Gantz is pseudo Israel with two state solution as his ideology. Any attempt to hand over the state of Israel to the Blue and white party or United Arab-List will destroy this beloved nation of God. The true citizens of Israel are called upon to stand firm behind PM Benjamin Netanyahu. It is time for Israel to become wiser and root out her adversaries within their political space.

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