Politics is the art or science of government. The most noble form of the foregoi…


Politics is the art or science of government. The most noble form of the foregoing is the art of the possible in the balancing of opposing views. It is unfortunate that some people have deformed politics in Nigeria to mean rigging elections to capture political power and saying YES when you mean NO.
When a federal government has achieved little or nothing and has nothing to present to the masses except the massacre of Nigerians in the Middle Belt and the importation of Fulanis from outside Nigeria to occupy the Middle Belt planning to attack the South East and South South on the long run; the only way for it to retain power is rigging with the threat of further massacre and war.
The only hope for a credible election in Nigeria is for the United Nations , United States , European Union , ETC to assist in the conduct of the forthcoming general elections in Nigeria.
President Muhammadu Buhari said that Tinubu will be his spokesperson in his campaigns to be re-elected. One wonders how a Nigerian will be a spokesperson for another full-blooded Nigerian, unless, of course, something is wrong somewhere.
Nigeria does not belong exclusively to a particular tribe or religion; therefore when you cast your vote stay there to protect it.

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