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My #Heart bled for the degraded educational standard of #Nigerian universities

By Iyke-Hez

My heart bled when I learnt that the first full-fledged and autonomous university in Nigeria​ , University of Nigeria​ Nsukka is decaying because of a certain policy approved by the present Vice Chancellor, Prof. Benjamin Ozumba​ , that all examinations shall be by shading multi-choice (Objectives) answer sheets only.

How can all the courses offered in the University, during examinations be multi-choice only? Can multi-choice alone be a true assessment of a student’s intelligence? Could he for instance not have split exam assessments into, Multi-choice 20%, Theory/Essay 50%, Presentation/Practical 30% or something in those lines depending on the module, this would be more acceptable. The idea of 100% multi-choice questions is very wrong; and in fact an effort to run down #UNN a world-class university that is known from inception for high academic standards. The Federal government through the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria​ (FMOE) and the National Universities Commission (NUC) should intervene in this matter before the great UNN is completely destroyed.
Has money changed hands? Why should an enlightened #Igbo man allow a policy that will eventually destroy a university of pride in Igbo-land? I further learnt that students are given 1 hour to write the exams, and before 45 minutes, they would be asked to stop, while some have complained about computers not working at all or shutting down whilst writing the exams and students keep failing.
Prof. Benjamin Ozumba should be aware of all these problems, unless he has been travelling up and down the world and thereby not realising that UNN is rotting away, due to the introduction of a very bad policy. This must not be allowed so as not to collapse this great citadel of learning.

2. Another problem I want to highlight is the sale of textbooks by some lecturers to students in the University. #Lecturers are beginning to use this medium to render some students useless. The Federal Government through the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education​ and the #NUC should look into this issue. How can you make the purchase of your textbook compulsory? No one is saying that you should not write a book, but do not make it compulsory for the students to buy them and if any student fails to buy, it becomes a crime and the student will not be allowed into the class or is made to fail.

Anyone who writes a book should take it to the bookshop and let a committee be set up to vet and assess these books. The government should really do something about this situation. Other educational institutes like: Ebonyi State University​, Alvan Ikoku​ College of Education and Abia State University Uturu​ , should also sit up so they don’t give the impression that they are not after educating students properly. The Federal and State governments should call these universities to order. Does it mean that the #Poor cannot study at university level anymore? If so, it would be a great shame and very wrong.

All this is food for thought and requires urgent government action.

We must not forget that the word Examination simply means 'a detailed inspection or study; a formal test of a person's knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill'.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


Poor State Of UNN Boys’ Hostel (Disturbing Photos) – Education – Nigeria

This is how unn boys hostel looks like, you can illegal connections everywhere, just this morning one of the light source caught fire and there was a loud bang followed by Sparks which made students run for their dear life, thank God no student was in that area during the incident, it seems the scho…



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