The agitation of the northerners on the suspension of the RUGA ( Rural Grazing Area) project, issuing threats to put the country in chaos if not reversed, leaves one in suspicion of the #RUGA motive.

The fact that the issue which is not supposed to raise a dust is charring the whole country confirms to a doubtful mind that there is an undertone or a hidden agenda and the frustration of its actualization through the commendable resistance of the southerners led to the uproar.

From a rational point of view, RUGA is a program established for the sole purpose of enhancing cattle breeding. These cattle feed on grass and a look at the geographical statistics of Nigeria, the northern region has a very large land mass more than enough to feed their cattle.

#Niger, #Borno and #Taraba states, with their individual land mass are multiple times the size of all the five south eastern states put together. #Kaduna, #Bauchi, #Yobe, #Adamawa, #Zamfara, #Kogi each has a land mass larger than all the southeastern states. The question is, what feed can the southeastern states with limited land area provide that the massive lands in the north cannot provide? Even the southern states do not have enough land to carry out their farming activities which is supposedly a major occupation in the area.

If states like Kaduna, #Benue, Kogi with enormous land mass had settlement issues with the Fulani herdsmen, what then would be the outcome when they invade the little surviving space available for the southerners?

If the herdsmen cannot live peaceably with those states that have more than enough land mass, isn't it obvious that they are practically coming to take over that of those without space? This is indeed a case of invasion and the fact that they are threatening is a confirmation of that.

The Federal Government should call those northern groups championing this unwise threat to order. Every citizen and ethnic group in Nigeria should be treated equally and no particular ethnic group ought to be given preferential treatment. The Federal Government should also resist from using public funds to promote private businesses.

Nothing has been done to enhance oil/gas production as well as refining in the South-south, rather they are being ripped off of their God-given natural resources while their lands are destroyed. Importation which is what the south eastern man is known for has been made less lucrative for him yet the Federal Government wants to usurp other ethnic groups' resources to promote the business of a not so significant proportion of the population. That is totally unacceptable.

In conclusion, when former President Olusegun Obasanjo was in power, the Yorubas were not lawless. When Goodluck Jonathan was in power, the Niger-Deltans were not lawless. President Buhari is implored to control and call his Fulani people to order.

Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari Professor Yemi Osinbajo Femi Adesina SOUTH-EAST & SOUTH-SOUTH YOUTH ASSEMBLY (SESYOAS). Ohanaeze Ndigbo Afenifere Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) Foundation Northern Region Northern Nigerians For Real Change Coalition for Nigeria Movement Hausa Fulani Social Networked Minds Nigerian Senate Nigerian senate Femi Gbajabiamila Yoruba Oodua Voice United Nations United Nations Information Center United Nations Human Rights Amnesty International Nigeria Amnesty International Amnesty International Africa African Union Ecowas European Union Donald J. Trump Friends Who Like Donald J. Trump Vice President Mike Pence POTUS



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