Sequel to the events of Sunday 3rd December 2018, where Rev Father Ejike Mbaka (…


Sequel to the events of Sunday 3rd December 2018, where Rev Father Ejike Mbaka (not worth the ordination of a Rev. Father) of the Adoration Ministries openly disparaged the vice-presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party PDP, Mr. Peter Obi and his principal Alhaji atiku abubakar for failing to publicly donate towards the projects in his church, thereby predicting doom for the party at the then upcoming Presidential elections, this very act of desperation betrayed his penchant for exploitation and extortion of his gullible followers, Mbaka has once again hit the heights of mediocrity coming out to claim glory for the just concluded elections which was declared in favour of the APC, asserting that the God of Elijah has avenged and put his detractors to shame. What a ridiculous ignominy!!!

Putting the facts straight, this debacle is fiercely worrisome that a self-acclaimed man of God will aggressively be in pursuit of glory and reward for his pocket in claiming victory for rigged elections marred with the irregularities of doctored results in connivance with the #INEC, massive underage voting in the north, ballot paper destruction in opposition strongholds, hired mercenaries from neighbouring Nigeŕ with thumb printed ballot papers, voter intimidation, to mention but a few. Was he blind or chose to ignore the events at the collation center having APC bigwigs such as President Muhammadu Buhari, Umar Garbai Abba Kyari, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai , Boss Mustapha, ADAMS Oshiomole among others present to manipulate results in their favour hence the intermediate breaks witnessed in the announcement of election results.

For a fact, Mbaka is suffering from chronic dementia, juxtaposed in insatiable lust for money and information deficiency. How will he choose to ignore public outcry of injustice witnessed during election across the federation? In revelation of the orchestrated mafia style of the APC in having results their way, the returning officer for Imo west senatorial district, Prof. Innocent Ibeabuchi in a leaked tape to the media told the world how he was placed under duress to pronounce Rochas Okorocha winner of the senatorial elections with a threat to his life.

The catholic community should put a stop to the innumerable disgrace Mbaka has consistently brought upon the catholic church in particular and Christians at large by stripping off his priestly robe, in the height of killings of Christians in the north, oppression, persecution, Mbaka kept mute (of course having been paid), but chose to support an administration who has failed in their primary responsibility to protect lives and properties of citizens under their watch, wanton bloodshed went unabated bringing about division among citizens across ethnic and religious spheres.

His actions are disappointing but doesn’t come as a surprise to many who have in depth knowledge of his veiled mysterious background aiding the diabolic practice of his biological father through the altar. He is therefore warned to desist from using the name of God in vain for his personal gains in thwarting unsuspecting followers.

Christians are admonished therefore from the holy scriptures in Jeremiah 23:16. Thus says the Lord of Hosts, “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord.”

Mbaka speaks not of God and doesn’t represent any godly principles but that of mammon, the day of doom is drawing near for him and all those who worked assiduously in perverting the will of the people at the recently concluded elections, the consequences of their collective actions will be calamitous.



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