Sign the Youth Declaration by punching the link below: "We, the youth of…


Sign the Youth Declaration by punching the link below:
"We, the youth of Nigeria, call upon all aspiring leaders to endorse our youth declaration.

We see mass unemployment, failing infrastructure, corruption, gender inequality, extreme poverty, broken promises. And we know our nation can do better.

We hope tomorrow will bring an opportunity to thrive, not just survive. We are nation builders who can make Naija beta.

Now we speak with one voice. United across tribe, religion and gender, we stand together and face those that try to divide us.

We pledge to Nigeria our country: to serve her with all our strength, to defend her unity, to uphold her honour and glory. And we will vote for our future.

We ask that you listen to and collaborate with us. That you create 3 million jobs each year and tackle corruption, healthcare, education, gender inequality, and agriculture; with investments and policies that unlock the potential of young Nigerians.

We promise to hold you accountable for your words and actions. We are more than half of the population and together we cannot be ignored.

We are voting. We are the future. And the future is now".



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