Solomon Buchi Writes Candid Note To Men Who Thinks They Are Doing A Woman A Favor By Asking Her To Marry Him 


Renowned relationship expert known for his candid opinions on marriage and other pressing issues has shared some valuable advice directed at men considering marriage.

In his latest words of wisdom, Solomon Buchi revealed that when a man proposes to a woman, he isn’t doing her a favor, and it’s crucial to drop the notion that women need marriage to fix their lives.

Buchi’s message comes from a common misconception; the idea that a woman is not complete until she is married.

He went on to advice Nigerian men that they should stop watching too much Nollywood movies where those kind of ideas sprout from.

In his words:

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“Dear men,

When you’re asking a woman to marry you, you’re not saving her. You’re not taking away her shame; there’s no shame there. You’re not doing her a favour.

Stop sounding like she needs to marry you to get life fixed, and if she rejects you, she won’t suffer, neither would she regret it.

You’re not the only great guy as you’ve made yourself believe. Reduce watching Nollywood too.”

This isn’t the first time Buchi has voiced his views on pressing issues. The life coach had offered valuable advice on maintaining successful marriages.

Having tied the knot with his partner, Arike earlier this year, he’s in a great position to share insights.

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One of his key pieces of advice for married men is to always allow their partners to have their way when necessary. He believes that this approach fosters happiness and success within the marriage.

While some netizens did not agree with this advice, other married men agreed, stating that it was also what was keeping their marriage.

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