The anomaly of keeping mute in the wake of injustice is a sole reason the credibility of any organized association, group, body or system becomes questionable regardless of its documented objectives and statutory representation. There is no gainsaying that the demise of the League of Nations, and the eventual birth of United Nations since 1945, is yet to point humanity in the direction of realistic equity, power balance and rights.
How can one weigh the position of United Nations on Myanmar leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi, on the scale of global equity and historical occurrences of genocide? As Suu Kyi defends her country before the International Court of “Justice” (ICJ), it stirs the aura of sentiments. We are yet to witness posthumous trial of Adolf Hitler – it was even a holocaust. No one tried the surviving army generals that worked with Hitler – at least for war crime. Maybe UN is scared of the German Nazi. Suu Kyi is still the incumbent State Counsellor of Myanmar, and we wonder when Vladimir Putin of Russia will be invited by UN ICJ for acts of oppression. Why is ICJ yet to summon the Chinese government, led by Xi Jinping – 习近平 over Tibet situation? Maybe UN will muster enough courage to condemn India over its recent constitutional review on India citizenship acquisition – where Muslims seem left out. Well, India is a nuclear power. In fact, it appears the United Nations Human Rights group defends the Muslims alone, considering the prompt responses whenever Muslim displacement or death occurs, just like the Rohingya.

It is even more mind-boggling that UN stooped low to hear submission from the small Muslim-majority nation like Gambia over Rohingya issue that occurred in far #Asia. How credible is Gambia to sponsor such petition? The problems of misrule and human rights violation are prevalent in Gambia, and even threatens the very fabrics of its nationhood at the moment. Did Gambia mention the history of the conflict – the fight between the Myanmar military and the separatist, insurgent Arakan Army? One may not dispute that the evidence of deviations from the international norms of justice and the rule of law could have occurred during the crisis, and it includes human rights violations, but it cannot be considered genocide as projected by Gambia before ICJ.

United Nations did not bother to invite the former Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein for genocide when he used mustard gas on the Kurds – possibly UN did not see such as genocide because Saddam was Muslim just as the Kurds were too. Considering the fact that Myanmar government and military are Buddhist majority while Rohingyans are Muslim minority in Myanmar, then it is enough to tag the situation a “genocide”. Since, UN ICJ listens to petitions of this sort, why are they yet to summon President Buhari of Nigeria over the incessant intimidation and killing of Igbos by the nation’s Armed Forces? Some petitions did get to UN over the recent murder of world renowned journalist, Jamal Khashoggi inside the Consulate of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia located in Turkey. Even the Turkish government presented both video footage and audio clips of Jamal’s entry into the Consulate, his disappearance, and above all the involvement of top aides of the Saudi Crown Prince. The silence of UN on the issue posits that the highest organization in the world (UN) is afraid of Saudi Arabia.
Therefore, it is clear that since the emergence of ICJ, smaller nations like #Myanmar and some from Africa often serve as the guinea pig for testing the potential jurisprudential weight of its legal experts. United Nations ICJ’s trial of Myanmar is absurd, unjust and unethical. It is a disguise to make a mess of Aung San Suu Kyi and possibly strip her off the Nobel Laureate. This is a clear violation of human rights and Myanmar’s sovereignty.

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