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As we celebrate the successful transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and a further strengthening of the alliance of two of the greatest nations of the world – The United States of America and Israel, we cast our minds to a retrospect of some of the greatest
achievements of Donald J. Trump since election into office and draw a comparative analysis with his
predecessor on similar issues concerning foreign relations. In approximately a year and over four months since POTUS 45 the 45th President of the United States was elected,
he has succeeded internationally in achieving the following:
The release of three hostage prisoners held captive by North Korea of which was captured during Barack Obama administration and a strengthening of ties and diplomatic relations with North Korea.

Backing out of the #Iranian #NuclearDeal initiated by the #Obama administration which clearly was a lousy
decision filled with loopholes and relaxed checks (that only postponed Iran’s nuclear power possession
by 10 years) which the Iranians gladly exploited unobserved

Moving the American Embassy to #Jerusalem in #Israel, acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and
strengthening a diplomatic tie with America's traditional ally which was severely ruptured and
decapitated by the Obama administration.

Reaching an agreement with North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons test sites and getting
an agreement to a roundtable meeting in Singapore next month.
While President Donald J. Trump has steadily come under criticism from subjectively biased anti-radicals for his blunt and
assertive style of leadership, the truth remains that his strategies have been yielding positive results
unlike his predecessor Barrack Obama who glaringly was a pretender, a shape-shifting hypocrite who
usually became a dumb dog at Issues that needed vociferation and a threatening tiger at matters and
moments most inappropriate.
Obama had these hostages captured during his administration and clearly could do little or nothing to negotiate a release, talk less of advanced methods to contain North Korea in their quest to develop
nuclear weapons but rather opted for a sit-and-wait approach termed “operation strategic patience”
whilst the #Asian underdogs kept advancing their pursuits.
The Obama administration is also heavily criticized for ditching and severing heavily, America’s
traditional age-long ally -Israel and engaging in a deadly romance with their sworn enemy-Iran to initiate the Iran Nuclear Deal which released millions of dollars in seized assets and tons of supplies to the
a country in exchange for a promise to halt its nuclear programme only ephemerally and resume at the expiration of the contract whilst punishing Israel for its moves towards securing and developing its
borders in Palestine! How ridiculous!
On the other hand Obama choose to show his powers, display utter sentiments and unleash all of its
terror on Africa making him the American president with the worst international relations in Africa.
Obama cut down on The Bush-led administration foreign aid to the continent to tackle #AIDS which has been one of the deadliest diseases on the continent resulting in hundreds of thousands of death due to lack of access to proper healthcare. Obama also greatly influenced and initiated the fall of Libya and the resultant failed state and political unrest in Northern Africa. It was greatly involved in the initiation of Southern Sudan but decided to desert the infant country prematurely leading to the total disarray and instability in the country.

His hypocritical nature is factual in the case of Ethiopia 3 years ago, where he endorsed as
democratically elected, a government that was utterly corrupt and authoritarian in nature sweeping out ridiculous 100% of all the seats and utterly clamping down on press freedom as well as propagating despots with little or intention to lead and rule as in the case of Rwanda, Gabon and Uganda .
As a president with African roots, We cannot forget in a hurry the several despondent attempts made by
Barrack Obama to countries like Nigeria , Ghana , Gambia , Kenya etc to give up their sacred #Morally and #Religiously upheld #African values and #Traditions as regards #Lesbians, #Gays, #Bisexuals and #Transgender
( #LGBT ) and embrace an alien incompatible decadent-ridden western culture or face threat of foreign aid restrictions. This we think, was the height of shamelessness, an attempted imperialism and a breach of the principle of #Sovereignty and #Equality of states by POTUS 44 during his administration. Clearly, the Obama administration lost touch where it matters and talked tough where it didn’t.
While Trump has been focused on the crisis in The Middle East , #Asia and issues with Russia since his election, He has found time to strengthen diplomatic relationships and improve bilateral trade
agreement with the most populous black nation-Nigeria, this is an achievement worth mentioning
considering the fact that none of such was achieved during the same timeframe when Obama was in
On a fair comparative analysis, we find the actions and accomplishments of President Donald J, Trump
more effective and successful than that of his immediate predecessor during the same time frame as regards international relations and hence encourage him to keep up the good work.

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Nikki Haley

– The Boston Globe



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