The decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel is long overdue. We app…


The decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel is long overdue. We applaud Donald J. Trump for this courageous decision. From all empirical facts available, Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel. The Cyrus Cylinder discovered in Iraq gives credence to this fact Christiane Amanpour…/ancient-cylinder…/. It also begs the question for anyone to say or suggest that Jerusalem isn't Israel's capital. Evidently, Muslims have Mecca as capital, why can't they leave Jerusalem for those it rightfully belongs to? It's political correctness to say or suggest Jews don't own Jerusalem. We know they do and saying they don't have never changed or achieved anything positive in the Middle-East. It's high time somebody tells the truth as it is. President Trump only followed through with a decision which predates his government. The decision to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital was passed by the 104th Congress of the United States on October 23, 1995 with the entrenchment of a public law known as the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. The Bill was passed for the purposes of initiating and funding the relocation of the U. S Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no later than May 31, 1999. The 45th President of the United States has followed through with this epic decision 22 years after. Thank you Mr. President! Nikki Haley CNN International Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו United Nations Vice President Mike Pence



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