THE DEMOCRATS MIGRATION HYPOCRISY With all the increase in terrorism, hunger, e…



With all the increase in terrorism, hunger, economic crisis, and all forms of natural and man made disaster rocking the world today, there's now many more reasons for people to flee what they cannot face. Migration is on an astronomical rise and while worse off nations such as Nigeria, Sudan, Iran, Yemen etc. suffer brain drain and diminishing manpower as a result of increasing emigration, better off nations such as Germany, France, Italy, US, Canada etc, are cracking under the weight of immigrants at its doors.

More and more nations, which criticized the US President Donald Trump between 2017 to 2019 for his border control measures, are now adopting stricter and tougher measures against border control as liberal and lenient measures have proven unsuccessful.

But the hypocrisy and criticism still abounds, especially from the US Democratic party and many other left leaning leaders. Only this time, Trump has metarmorphorsed from a 'hostile racist nationalist' to a bad global influence, allegedly spreading a successful migration policy across Europe.

Clearly, there's no end to the futile witchhunt.
Neither Trump's consistency in success nor the democrats consistency in failure is reason enough to quit.

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