The ELITES Publisher Releases New Book On Prophetess Funmilola Lucas


Publisher of The ELITES, Kemi Akinyemi, has released a new coffee table book on the astonishing life of Prophetess Funmilola Lucas entitled Prophetess Funmilola Lucas: Favoured and Fabulous In God’s Vineyard.”

Akinyemi, a seasoned journalist and former assistant editor of TheNews in her introduction, said the book is about a woman of God whose call by God was miraculous and magical, about a life that is not just the expression of God’s will but whose call to ministry is so unique and special that it makes her different from other men and women of God.

This, indeed, is what the 150-page coffee table book spiced up with beautiful pictures of the woman of God and the testimonials of those she has worked with and touched with her gift of friendship, humanity and love is all about.

Akinyemi wrote: “This book is about a woman of God whose call by God to ministry was so unique that it makes her different from other men and women of God. It is about a woman who initially studied catering and hotel management with the intention of becoming a caterer, but who God called to cater to the needs of women, children, and men across the globe. It is about a woman whose calling was not only prophesied but she became a prophet of God to fulfill that prophecy.”

The way Akinyemi gave a detailed account of how Prophetess Lucas’ call to ministry was prophesied by a mysterious old man and how she has gone on to fulfil that God-given mandate shows she has an insider and rare knowledge of her.

Prophetess Lucas’ uniqueness was also pointed out in the Foreword: “These days, it is rare to find an extroverted leader, a creative visionary, true counselor, a great evangelist bringing many souls to Christ, a warm and welcoming face to all who enter the sanctuary, a theologian, a teacher, and a good friend of everyone. So it is always a thing of joy when you meet a true woman of God whose works have genuinely touched lives beyond bounds. Prophetess Funmilola Lucas falls into this category.

“The book, “Prophetess Funmilola Lucas: Favoured and Fabulous In God’s Vineyard” is a recapitulation of how Prophetess Funmilola Lucas discovered her purpose in life, after following God’s plan for her life. The book tells the story of how she has become a testimonial of how one can work for and walk with God and enjoy a flourishing, favour-filled, and fabulous life.”

Akinyemi confirmed that the book, which is about Prophetess Lucas’ flourishing, favour-filled and fabulous life, was official unveiled during her birthday celebration which was held on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, in Lagos.


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