The Great #Britain that was known to be strong and powerful is now weak due to t…


The Great #Britain that was known to be strong and powerful is now weak due to the fact that #Hypocrisy has eaten her leaders.
The nation that used to be pacesetters to other countries has now become a nation where lots of #atrocities have emerged. They have banned some good world leaders such as Robert G. Mugabe of Zimbabwe from coming to their country and yet they allowed and permitted a murderer such as President Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria to visit. A man who has shed so many blood and wasted lives of many innocent souls that should be banned is being celebrated for visiting. #Britain that is smaller than a state like #California in #America is protesting and demonstrating that they don't want President Donald J. Trump to visit #UK. That is why other world power like #Russia can penetrate their territory and perpetuate lots of atrocity, hence losing their puissance.
This is very obvious that #Muslims are taking over Britain, London, United Kingdom and this is making them lose grip, hence debilitating their strength.
It is an injustice and hypocritical to let #Buhari (a Muslim) visit while banning some #Christian world leaders. Britain should be warned because their country is dying by instalment hence justice and every good attribute should prevail in the country.

Theresa May advocating for legalizing of gay practice in #Africa Nations such as #Nigeria is totally not acceptable. She should channel her energy towards solving terrorism that has eaten deep in #UK under her watch as Prime Minister. Rating her the worst #PM The Great Britain ever heard.



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