THE PUPPET AND THE PUPPETEER A huge thorn in the flesh, streams of smoke to the…



A huge thorn in the flesh, streams of smoke to the eyes and a self- centered family business venture is what the #APC government in Imo State is to its citizens. This is no news to the average politically conscious #Nigerian especially resident #Imolites.

What is news however, is the fact that the shameless and utterly disgraceful governor has endorsed his incompetent puppeteer for a second term in the upcoming 2019 election. This shameless governor, Governor Rochas Okorocha is unapologetically a loyal stooge to his incompetent tyrant master and can never be found condemning attacks such as that of the Fulani #Herdsmen or #BokoHaram as that would dent the image of his master, whom he worships so much. We cannot help but wonder what it may be that Mr Rochas Anayo Okorocha is chasing pants down, hoping to obtain that he has slaughtered his #Dignity, #Conscience and self worth for! All we know is that what ever it is, it is not worth it!

Last weekend, Gov Rochas Okorocha lead the south east emerging leaders to a rally to support President Muhammadu Buhari at the Imo Convention Center, Owerri. We wish to assert firmly that everyone who participated in such movement anchored by ‘Okorocha’ did so either out of delusion, selfish and greedy interest or a combination of both. The killing of innocent #Farmers and innocent #Christians, increase in #Hardship, high #Unemployment rate, soaring #Corruption, widening #Poverty and #Starvation and well as gross #Injustice is enough pain even to the numb that Buhari is unfit to rule but Okorocha will never see it that way, he rather derives joy in supporting evil than speaking the truth….. Well, by their fruits, they sure will be known.

Rochas Okorocha needs to stop deceiving the public with the delusional tale of free education, for there no such thing in Imo state. The state owned university IMSU, recently issued its students a “No school fees, no exam” notice and this has been confirmed from several reputable sources, but the governor still deceitfully flags the “education must be free” mantra to unsuspecting audience instead of addressing the rot in his deceptive policies.

The plot by the Governor to impeach his deputy who served jail term just to have him emerge winner in the 2015 polls is another clear indication of how #Crude, #Animalistic and #Brute the governor is. Why, you ask? It is for no other reason than to eliminate all opposition to his son-in-law whom he openly endorsed as his sucessor come 2019.

Imo state is a family business, A family of incompetent, selfish, corrupt. greedy, wicked, apathetic and senseless members….nobody is surprised because the umbrella party APC and its government are strongly rooted in such tenets. they do not care about the people they rule.

We condemn in strong tones, the acts of Mr Rochas. Nigerians are advised to be very careful in choosing your leaders
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