Confirmed reports reveal some key members of the nation’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the brains behind the postponement of the nations general elections which was scheduled to be held today being Saturday the 16th of February 2019.

These men namely; Lai Mohammed (Minister of Information), Nasir El-Rufai (Kaduna State Governor), Abba Kyari (the nation’s Chief of Staff), Mamman Daura (Buhari's nephew) , Kadau and Mohammed Babgana Munguno (National security Adviser to the President) held a closed door meeting with the nation’s president and APC’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari , in the early hours of the election day in which they reached a decision to postpone the elections after observing the overwhelming influence the Atiku Abubakar , the major opposition candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

No doubt, the country’s political atmosphere is heavily tilted towards ousting the incumbent and series of voters’ choice polls and comparisons between rally turn- outs of both candidates, have confirmed this speculation. The #APC is afraid it would loose sorely, thus it resorted to pressuring the nations electoral body, The #INEC to postpone the election which it did a few hours later not considering individuals, groups, commercial, financial national and international programs and economic consequences .

#Nigerians must know the names of these wicked and selfish men without conscience, who held her nation to a standstill in a bid to buy more time to perfect whatever obnoxious strategy they hope to deploy in the polls. Whatever reason given by the ‘puppet’ INEC for its decision is only a façade as the electoral body whose head is a product of the nations president’s severe nepotism is indeed not insulated from the influence of his employer, much to the endangerment of the electoral process
To the people of the South West and South South, Nigeria , who pledge allegiance to Buhari solely for the sake of Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo and ADAMS Oshiomole, the ruling party’s chairman; it must be known that these men are only posing disgrace by such loyalty as they have no say in the crucial decisions of the President as evidenced in the aforementioned parties privy and present in the closed door meeting.
“It may be hard to believe, but your kinsmen in Aso Rock are merely uninformed stooges of miniscule influence puppeteered by the strings of ignorant loyalty they willingly offer to a the mighty selfish few who run the nations presidency like a family business”
Condemnation is not spared to the nations service chiefs who have sacrificed patriotism and mortal conscience on the alter of greed and thus turn a blind eye, while their actions exacerbate the gradual rot of the nation they swore to protect under the hands of the selfish and incompetent. Such security operatives are called to resign to salvage the crumbs left off their integrity.
The president and the ruling party may seem to have everything under control having successfully gagged the media, and coveted the nations security forces and service chiefs as a personal execution tool, but Nigerians must not loose hope by the outcome of these selfish ploys. Every vote still counts, and a week long sacrifice is worth taking for the redemption of the ‘ giant of Africa’ from the shackles of imperialism and jaundiced democracy.

The Nigerian government must show concern and take responsibility for the gross inconveniences caused by such short notice especially to her citizens and all foreign observers in the country. Provisions should be made for displaced or stranded persons and a general leniency must be granted to citizens who are incapacitated in one form or the other, unable to return back to their jobs for the next five working days and are left with no choice than to wait till next week at their various locations for the elections. This is believed to be a soothing remedy to the unfavorable consequences of such injurious decision taken by INEC, which we now know is orchestrated by the current administration .

Nevertheless, what would INEC expect its citizens to do especially those who travelled from within and outside the country to exercise their franchise to do having lost the business transactions and spent money on transport fares including air tickets. Again, people cancelled their events e.g. burials, wedding ceremonies, town meetings and religious activities, even closed their shops yet got disappointed. How about the foreign observers that arrived Nigeria with the hope of witnessing the elections as fixed? Would they go back and come again or would they stay more than planned? If yes, on whose expense?
Whatever be the case, Nigeria must decide!

#Elections2019 #NigeriaDecides2019
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