TRUMP NEEDS OUR PRAYERS The U.S President-Donald Trump is facing serious trials…


The U.S President-Donald Trump is facing serious trials presently. Notable among which his rigid supporters are now pulling from him due to the uprising and shutdown of U.S Government for about 5 weeks now. The House leaders try to use this opportunity against him. In comparison with former U.S presidents, even those of them that introduced and propagated attrocities, Trump is being rated as most unpopular at present (around 39%), sequel to the shutdown. This is very disheartening. The pressure against him from the opposition party (the democrats), is skyrocketing. They, together with the socialist, communist and liberals have all teamed against only one man-Trump. He faces attack from every corner and has had no moment of respite from his election date up to this moment. The attacks and accusations span from Russian investigation to racism and his immigration control. He is the only powerful leader that upholds the name of Christ Jesus and defends it. He recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital, fights against killing of innocent christians and above all poses serious threat to terrorists, yet for all these they want to crucify him. This is to plead with/encourage all genuine Christians to join in a chain of prayers for Him. He needs our prayers now more than ever so that his enemies will not jeer at him. We should note that the "Truth and Genuinty" suffer the stiffest opposition in our contemporary society, hence Trump' s need of our prayers and support. He is God-sent that's why the devil and his cohorts are out to obliterate him, pull down America and by extension enslave the world, especially the Christendom. A prayer for him is prayer for all people of goodwill.
His achievements on issues pertaining economic growth of the US, immigration, taxation, unemployment and so on, could not be overemphasised nor could be equaled with any of his predecessors. In spite of all these, his opponents are bent on discouraging, frustrating and possibly annihilating his efforts. Only prayers from genuine Christians can stop them.
This is not a time to consider people's judgement of Trump, he is imperfect just like every other human, rather, it's a time to dwell on the common ground that he is the only Christian President with a formidable capacity to protect and promote godly and acceptable national and international interests of people and as well debunk corrupt and destructive polices with long-term negative effects on America and the world at large. Imagine a future comprising US with millions of LGBT nursing children produced by the straight, what height of nuclear capacity, tension and threat would Iran and North-korea pose to the entire world around 2030 and how terrorists infested would the U.S and other Christians dominated nations be in ten years time if the sourthern borders remain porous to Islamic radicals? God save his people! Indeed, nothing can be done against the truth but for the truth, nobody can bring a charge against God's elect and if God be for Trump, nobody can be against him. Join the prayer for God's own servant-DJ TRUMP. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND REDEEM HIS PEOPLE.



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