Sequel to the 2014 Russian annexation of the Crimea Peninsula, Ukraine has continued to operate a functional government due to its alliance with the United States of America. The bilateral relationship is not basically anchored on economic interactions, rather it hinges on protectionist agenda often propagated by the US. A relationship of this sort has kept Russia away from its age-long interest (since the demise of USSR) of taking back the breakaway nations like Ukraine, simply due to the military cost and losses associated with any form of confrontation with the US. Hence, it is tactically easy to posit that any misguided diplomatic move by Ukraine will perfectly jeopardize its very existence as a sovereign nation.
However, the recent involvement of Ukraine in the Trump impeachment saga may tilt to existential doom of its sovereignty, especially with the presence of Russia within its territorial border. It is in the best interest of a “fry” nation like Ukraine to exhibit high level of diplomacy when dealing with the internal issues of a bigger ally nation like the US. Unfortunately, the recent call by the Ukrainian government to question the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Louise ‘Masha” Yovanovitch, over “Trump-Ukraine-Biden” saga, did not only amount to meddling with US internal matter, it equally portrays eyeball-to-eyeball challenge to US. Pertinent questions rush to mind. Does Ukraine have the political capacity to shield its social class from potential turmoil such challenge can stir among the citizens? Can the government guarantee its territorial defence in the absence of US-led NATO?
Furthermore, it is twist to trend of events to notice the sudden reaction of Ukraine to political developments in the US, especially towards President Trump. With apt attention to political consciousness, it becomes imperative to ask – what is the timely relevance of the probe on the possible surveillance of the former US ambassador? Is there any reason for not probing Joe Biden and son over the illegal business deal in Ukraine? While it is clear that Ukrainian government is incited and controlled by the US Democrats, but as a sovereign nation, they neglected the fact that powers to bilateral benefit and relationship with the US still depend on the incumbent government of the US. Ukraine prior to now is a nation that lost its voice in the comity of nations; EU was not particular in rescuing Ukraine from the claws of Russia, if not for the timely intervention of the US using NATO as its military vehicle, and other economic sanctions.
To buttress the ineptitude of Ukraine, flight MH17 was shot down on 17 July, 2014 while flying over eastern Ukraine, and that was a stack violation of Ukraine airspace and act of terrorism. Yet, Ukraine lacked the “expression muscle” to accuse Moscow of its involvement considering that the guided missile that downed MH17 was Russian made. Even satellite reconnaissance operations clearly showed how the missile was deployed. Prior to this development, Ukraine is popular with corruption problem, hence, it needs to recognize that fact and tackle it, especially as Russia still arms the separatist group in Ukraine. Until now, Ukraine government could not do anything to stop TV channels in Ukraine that are controlled by Viktor Medvedchuk, the strong associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin and chief of staff to former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. Without any political, economic and military strength to tackle such petty aforementioned issues that bedevilled and are still bedevilling Ukraine, it will be suicidal to challenge the US government. Recall that even great nation like Israel plays diplomacy towards the internal affairs of US. In fact, the foremost to US amongst its allies is Israel, yet while Obama reneged towards bilateral agreements with Israel, the nation (Israel) was diplomatic during the 2011 US general election where Obama was solidly behind Hilary Clinton. A better calculation will redirect the unpopular move by Ukraine on probe for possible surveillance on Yovanovitch.



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