The outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan China late December 2019 has wrecked unprecedented havoc in the world thus attracting drastic measures by various governments to curb the pandemic. In Nigeria, several confirmed cases have been recorded. It is pertinent to state as the citizens support efforts of different levels of government to contain the virus, their survival and well being must be paramount and absolutely considered. In as much as it is of essence shutting down air, land and sea borders by Federal Government to prevent spread of the virus, it should be recognised that Nigeria is a nation who depends on imported goods with little or none produced in the country.

The strategy taking by most state Governors in preventing interstate movement is absolutely unfair to the masses as no palliative has been provided to cushion the effects of the terrible situation. Also, the total shutdown of markets including those for food stuff is totally unacceptable and should be reviewed to enable citizens purchase their daily necessities. The Government and security agencies are advised to dialogue with Churches and worship centres on the social distance policy to ensure smooth compliance rather than intimidating worshippers and preachers in Churches as observed in Anambra, Lagos and so many other places. In every situation, God must be respected. It is worthy to state that muslims are also part of the social distance policy as it has been observed that such level of intimidation and harassment is not metted on them as done to Christian worship centres.

The Nigerian government is reminded that Easter is one of the most important celebrations in the Christendom and as such, Christians should be allowed to fully celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on April 12th 2020 without any form of persecution.

Since the Buhari led government of Nigeria has woefully failed to develop the infrastructural status of the nation, the United Kingdom, USA and other European countries are urged to immediately stop him and his team from seeking medical assistance from them. He should be mandated to develop Nigeria and provide basic necessary amenities required of any responsible government as Nigeria infrastructure has decayed abysmally. It is time for the Nigerian government to borrow a leaf from various stimulus package developed by many nations to support her citizens as a result of covid-19 pandemic.
It is quite unfortunate that Nigerian legislators are purchasing exotic 2020 model cars worth billions of Naira while the citizens of the nation are ravaging in abject poverty and hunger with no solution in sight. The government must rise to her responsibility and provide financial aid and support to the citizens and companies to cushion the effect of the covid-19 pandemic.

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