US DEMS AND BORDER CRISIS In late 2016, when America's Pesident, Donald #…



In late 2016, when America's Pesident, Donald #Trump, began his hard-line 'clamp down' on illegal migration, thousands of leftists, captained by notable Democrats such as Former US president, Barrack #Obama, Nancy #Pelosi, Hillary #Clinton etc., lashed out 'horn-mad' against his approach, in a subjective knee-jerk reaction that saw the forty-fifth president of the United States, labeled everything from 'insensitive' to wicked and 'outright inhuman'. Years after and there still lies no end to the recurring unjustifiable vilification.

But presently, with Italy shutting down Europe's largest migrant reception center in #Sicily, #Holland adopting a hard-line stance on migrants, #Turkey crumbling at the overwhelming burden of asylees and migrant influx, #Mexico confessing its financial dearth in accommodating any more migrants and many more countries (e.g. #France, #Germany) secretly employing stern measures at its borders whilst pretending to be welcoming and accommodating; it is clear that the #Democrats have been misguided by subjectively skewed emotions, that open borders have done more harm than good and that Trump might just be right after all.

Whilst the 2018 United Nation's #Marrekesh agreement on migrants advocates for a more open and humane approach towards refugees, it fails to explicitly state how to deal with insincere migrants, opportunist migrants with sinister motives and those who have become bored with their country and fancy another. To this, Trump's method of preventing migrants from even leaving their countries and encouraging nations to take in only asylees and refugees with similar and compatible cultures, religion and beliefs in accordance to their economic capacity is simply, in the absence of sentiments, would be the best sustainable solution ever. Asylees and refugees have a right to a better life but without the requisite economic capacity, they have no right to insist on where to go .

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