WHAT A SHAME!!!! THE Christian Association of Nigeria CONGRATULATES Muhammadu Bu…


WHAT A SHAME!!!! THE Christian Association of Nigeria CONGRATULATES Muhammadu Buhari ON HIS VICTORY.

Being a #Christian Priest simply means being a Shepherd; guiding the souls of men in accordance with the precepts of #Christianity. Hence, a Christian priest should be affected by whatever that affects the sheep, just like Apostles Peter and Paul. However, what is seen in Nigeria today, with respect to the activities of Christian Priests under the aegis of #CAN, is overly perplexing.

The heinous massacre of Christians was perpetuated in this administration of Buhari as a president. It became glaring that a mechanism was instituted to progressively decimate and possibly annihilate Christians, especially within Northern Nigeria. Most of these killings did not receive a modicum of condolence from the Presidency….yet CAN rushed to Congratulate him.These killings were suppressed from making the head banner of international media…..what have CAN done to let the world know of these killings?

In the presence of Truth again, Democracy was subjugated to militancy as elections were massively rigged to favour the incumbent, especially, presidential election…..It was this "Seat" born out of falsehood and founded on the blood of killed Christians, that "CAN" went to Congratulate…what a paradox.

No doubt with reference to what St Paul said in the scriptures that there are ravenous wolves in Sheep's clothing…..not surprising that there are Priest who had dealings with Tobias and Sanballat, enemies of the Jews…and not also surprising that for the love of materialism, the leprosy of Namaan clung unto Gehazi, the servant of Prophet Elisha. To the so called church leaders who have refused to adhere to the scriptures,Needless do i say that the wicked will never go unpunished but then the wicked will never go unpunished.

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