"When the illiterate disgraced the educationist: Professor Yemi Osinbajo en…


"When the illiterate disgraced the educationist: Professor Yemi Osinbajo enslaved and disgraced"

By Magnus Oraka

It appeared that political situation in Nigeria just achieved one unpopular but "significant" feat – a paradigm shift where "illiteracy tamed literacy". The vice president of #Nigeria in the person of #Osinbajo is not just a Professor of Law but also a Senior Adocate of Nigeria (SAN) . An achievement that easily takes one above the average citizen and places you on the level of the geniuses and legends. Unfortunately, this Osinbajo decided to make us doubt the authenticity of his academic achievements because his master, President Muhammad Buhari walked corridors of power without any verifiable academic certificate. Yet the master easily tamed him ( Professor Yemi Osinbajo ) to become a stooge – which is synonymous to "educated illiterate". Above all, the #Christian faithfuls in Nigeria seem to have learnt a bitter lesson. Ooh, recall tha famous #Bible description "wolves in sheep's clothing" – guess it now applies to Prof. Yemi Osinbajo because mere office title caused him to forfeit conscience. Even a resignation now or later will not remedy the damage. When the educated and echelon of legal system is overwhelmed by power greed, he can betray his faith, trust, people, conscience.

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