#FulaniHerdsmen Resume Attacks:

It is really unfortunate that the fulani herdsmen have resumed their inhuman attacks on natives of Benue State without the presidency making any comment so far.

The Muhammadu Buhari -led government are unashamedly more interested in canvassing for votes by hook or crook despite being aware of their incompetence-filled governance while their killer squad code named fulani herdsmen are busy destroying innocent lives and property.

The baffling issue remains why #Benue is always a target. Why should the attack be unleashed on #Christian dominated states as well as Christians in northern states at all times?

The government of the day made an electoral promise of improving security in 2015 yet we see nothing. Just few days away from their "false victory", the herdsmen attack has begun.

All forms of intimidation in the average benue native into voting for falsehood in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections will not work. It is curious to ask why this herdsmen attack on Benue didn't take place during or before the presidential election. Wasting innocent lives for the sake of cheap popularity and greed for power should stop. Using the lives of Nigerians for negative political calculations should never stand



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