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There is much to worry about Africa in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the leaders are hoping on the professed assistance and/or aid from EU, US and other international bodies to combat the virus in case it spreads like wild fire.

Somehow, most of the clueless leaders fail to look inward and ask questions that beg for answers. Have they bothered to ask why Ebola epidemic is still lurking in Africa? Is it that there is no vaccine for Ebola, yet the infected doctor and fellow missionary (Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol) that were flown back to US during the peak of Ebola were successfully treated at Emory University Hospital? Except someone can tell us that they just recovered miraculously without medication.

Ebola ravaged DR Congo and some parts of Sub-Saharan africa, yet the West looked away, but they want to help over COVID-19 that is yet to spread widely in the continent. There is absolutely no wrongdoing in making promises to help Africa, however, African leaders should stop the "COPY & PASTE APPROACH" and devise what will really works for Africa. Most Africans that reside in Africa earn daily in order to feed, buttressing it implies that there is no food on the table for a given day if they fail to go out for work. So you start wondering if the complete lockdown and extending it could be considered a suitable model for combating the spread of COVID-19 in Africa. Financial institutions are already singing in our ears that Africa will soon plunge into recession after staying cool for the last 25 years. Why can't our leaders sit down for once and reason properly?

Complete lockdown and extreme social distancing could be veritable approaches in the Europe, America, some parts of Asian etc., due to the formidable nature of various sections in those nations but are completely lacking in most African countries due to corruption and greed. So how can you PASTE TOTAL LOCKDOWN in a country like Nigeria when there are no provisions for the masses, security outfits are lawless and biometric options of identification to ensure effective dissemination of aids are unavailable? At the moment, people are calling for help and sending out video messages showing robbery rampage in Ogun and Lagos states of Nigeria since the lockdown started.

Another worrying question is, 'How formidable is the healthcare system in most African countries?' In this age of information, most of the African leaders are clueless and still mortgage the resources of their nations to their colonial masters (modern day neo-colonialism), only to end up borrowing from IMF and asking for aids as street beggars. I recall former President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria during the peak of Ebola epidemic consulted his cabinet and designed a suitable mitigation option which eventually helped to keep-off Ebola from the shores of Nigeria – World Health Organisation (WHO) became amazed.

But it is unfortunate that the same Nigeria under President Buhari alongside other African leaders are eagerly waiting for funding from W.H.O instead of brainstorming to identify a better approach to avert danger in Africa.


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