…AND THE WINNER IS BORIS JOHNSON! We join the many millions of Britons and ci…



We join the many millions of Britons and citizens of nations all over the world, passionate for world peace and progress to congratulate Britain's conservative party leader and former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Right Honorable, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson on a successful victory as Britain's new Prime Minister!
#Boris defeated chief opposition, Jeremy Hunt, in a sweet victory with an over 45,000 vote margin to become the next Prime Minister after #Theresa #May.

Mixed Reactions trail Boris victory

The news of Boris' victory has sparked a hodgepodge of reactions all over the media, from parties on the one hand, who are happy with his victory; believe Boris capable and are willing to support his tenure, and those on the other hand, who believe Boris 'unfit' to lead Britain and have labelled the electoral process engendering his victory as 'undemocratic'.

However, with approximately 100 days to the October 31st Brexit deadline, Boris remains extremely confident he can 'Deliver Brexit, Unite Britain, Defeat #Jeremy #Corbyn and Energize the UK' – which he allegorically referred to as 'the slumbering giant'.

Social media 'ticked'

In the heat of the buzz, several 'respected' online and social media accounts have thrown caution to the wind, tipping over the board of constructive criticism to shade Boris with anything from his hair style (which remarkably resembles that of US president, #Donald #Trump) to even the most trivial remark made decades ago, falsely labelling him 'homophobic' , 'racist' and 'dubious' all in a bid to express their deep sated displeasure and vilify the new PM, but as it appears, the euphoria of Boris' victory remains overshadowing.

A victory for Great Britain

Hate him or love him, Boris #Johnson is here to stay and would last even longer if he continues to stand for and do what is right, remaining undeterred by the infinitesimally irrelevant crop of flippant critics. His victory is indeed a reflection of the massive love and support a greater number of Britons have for him. No doubt, Boris would sure make a great ally to America's Donald Trump.

Congratulations, PM Boris!

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